Introducing Funcrowd, an all-in-one solution designed to enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and boost customer loyalty and sustainability for your business. This platform stores customer databases online, providing a comprehensive suite of marketing tools. With Funcrowd, you can access real-time customer data from any location, centralize and organize your customer information, streamline your marketing activities, and increase both customer retention and sales.

The Ultimate Platform for
CRM and Loyalty Programs

Feature-Rich and User-Friendly

Our POS system is packed with powerful features to support your business:


A membership registration and customer information storage system on an online platform that allows access to data at any time.

Report & Dashboard

An insights reporting system that includes information on point usage, customer data, daily sales summaries, the number of new customers, and customers redeeming benefits.

Point & Credit

A system for adding points, adding credits, and managing consignment items.

Promotion Rewards

A system for creating sales-boosting promotions, accumulating points, and redeeming rewards.

User Management

A system for managing customer, employee, and admin data.

Sales Referral

A system for sales staff to invite new customers.

Loyalty Programs

Encourage repeat business with customizable loyalty programs that reward your customers for their loyalty.

Seamless Integrations

Connect with a wide range of applications and services to extend the functionality of your POS system, including accounting software, payment processors, and more.

Mobile Compatibility

Access your POS system on the go with our mobile app, allowing you to manage your business from anywhere, at any time.

Dedicated Support and Scalability

Expert Support Team

Our team of experienced professionals is available to assist you with any issues or questions.

Regular Updates

We continuously improve our software with regular updates to add new features and enhance user experience.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you're a small cafe or a large retail chain, our POS system can scale to meet your growing needs.

Seamless Integration of POS and Funcrowd
for Efficient CRM and Loyalty Program Management

The integration of our POS system with Funcrowd, our advanced CRM and Loyalty Program, revolutionizes the way businesses manage customer relationships and rewards. This powerful combination enhances customer interaction by simplifying the processes of accumulating customer data, earning points, and redeeming rewards effortlessly.

Key Features of the Integrated System:

Effortless Customer Data Accumulation: Our integrated POS and Funcrowd system allows you to automatically capture and store detailed customer information with every transaction. This seamless process ensures that every customer interaction is an opportunity to enrich your customer database.

Streamlined Points Accumulation: Customers can accumulate points effortlessly as they make purchases. The POS system directly updates the Funcrowd loyalty program, ensuring that all points are accurately credited to the customer’s account without any manual intervention.
Easy Reward Redemption: With the integrated system, customers can redeem their accumulated points at the point of sale with just a few clicks. This feature provides a smooth and enjoyable checkout experience, encouraging repeat business and customer loyalty.

Real-Time Synchronization: The POS and Funcrowd systems are synchronized in real-time, providing up-to-date information on customer purchases, point balances, and available rewards. This immediate data sync ensures accuracy and speeds up the transaction process.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: By leveraging the combined strengths of our POS and Funcrowd systems, businesses can offer personalized promotions and rewards based on customer behavior and preferences. This targeted approach boosts customer satisfaction and engagement.

Benefits for Your Business:

Increased Efficiency: Reduce the time and effort needed to manage customer data and loyalty programs.

Improved Customer Experience: Provide a seamless and personalized shopping experience that encourages customers to return.

Data-Driven Insights: Utilize the integrated data from POS and CRM to make informed decisions and tailor marketing strategies effectively.

Start Transforming Your Business Today

Take the first step towards building stronger customer relationships. Contact us to learn more about our loyalty solutions and how we can help you create a program that delivers real results.


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